Monday, November 26, 2012

Final Report on PLN

screenshot of PLN
I love my PLN!

Over the course of the semester, I've built up a great Personal Learning Network through Symbaloo by adding websites and blogs that I have acquired knowledge of over the course of a few months. As I mentioned in my PLN Progress Report earlier in the semester, I love the idea of a PLN. I love that all of my "favorites" are in one place and that I can access them at any time I want. Over the last few weeks, my PLN has become so important to me. Almost every time I have an assignment, I go straight to my PLN to brainstorm and gather ideas. Since posting my PLN Progress Report, I've added even more websites that I have either learned about in EDM310, through other classes, or in my own personal browsing. In particular, I like to visit First Grader...At Last and have also added Discovery Education and National Geographic Kids for fun assignments. Recently, I discovered exciting tools to use in the classroom like Blabberize and Story Bird.

To me, my PLN is more than just an assignment for EDM310. Well, a lot of EDM310 assignments are more, to me, than just assignments. They are valuable learning tools that I will carry with me throughout my career. I'm extremely excited to see how my PLN will grow and what fun and innovative things I can add to it after I am finished with EDM310. I'm sure I will soon run out of room!

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