Monday, November 19, 2012

C4K Summary for November

Donavan's Blog

My first C4K, C4K #8, assigned in the month of November was to the blog of a 5th grader in Mr. Hagedorn's class named Donavan. His blog is called Donavan's Dynamite History Blog and is where he posts what he learns in Mr. Hagedorn's history class. The most recent post on Donavan's blog was called Johnny Appleseed. In this particular post, Donavan gave some facts about Johnny Appleseed whose real name was Johnny Chapman. From his post, I learned things about Johnny Appleseed that I didn't know. Since Donavan didn't say how Johnny got the last name Appleseed, I asked him why that was. Hopefully he will reply soon!

Alexander K.'s Blog

For C4K #9, I was assigned to read and comment on the blog of a student named Alexander in Mr. Spicer's class over at School of Rock. Alexander's most recent post was titled October Reflection and, in this post, Alexander summarized a few of his favorite things that his class did in the month of October. He said, first and foremost, he loved October because of Halloween but also because his class completed lots of fun projects. He mentioned a video chat with another school, reading The One And Only Ivan, writing scary stories, and creating a 13 colonies project. I was very impressed with a certain project that Alexander mentioned in which his class watched a video about a boy named Caine. Caine created a video game out of a cardboard box, eventually created lots of arcade games from boxes and ultimately set up his boxes for people to play. For awhile, Caine didn't have any visitors until one day a man came to his arcade and urged lots of other people to come play in the arcade. After watching the video, Alexander and his classmates got into groups and created their own arcade games from cardboard boxes. I was very impressed with this idea along with Alexander's insight and writing skills.

In my comment to Alexander, I told him that I really enjoyed reading his October Reflection. He was a great writer and kept his reader entertained. I also mentioned that, since I am planning to be a teacher, I liked learning about his class's different projects and what they are doing in class. I concluded my comment by asking Alexander how he came up with the idea for his arcade game, which was to create a labyrinth.

Devin's Blog

I enjoyed seeing and reading Devin's Blog, especially because he was a student of Ms. Martin's. It was great to see the progress of a former EDM310 student and how she was using blogging in her classroom. For C4K #10, I read Devin's latest post was a reflection of the book Speak. I told Devin that I wasn't familiar with the book, but that from his reflection, I could tell that it may be something that I would be interested in. I concluded my comment by encouraging Devin on his blogging journey.

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