Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Project #13 Collaboration Report

My group consisted of myself, Alecia Baxter, Victoria Kaplan, and Shannon Watson. I think our group worked really well together and we managed to develop project #15 without a face to face meeting until time to record. Project #16 was also completely finished without a face to face meeting until time to record.

For the most part, we used Google Docs to develop our SMARTboard lesson and to discuss topics for our final project. This worked out as a great way for us to communicate because we were able to all make changes to the document and we were able to express our ideas all in one place. We could see who made changes to the documents and what needed to be improved.

Our group also used e-mails and text messages to communicate. I thought texts were very effective because we could remind each other of something, we could shoot a text quickly, and we could be sure that our group members would receive the message instead of waiting for each other to get to a computer. I think we communicated without face-to-face meetings very effectively. Essentially, we were ready to record when the time had come.

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